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A teacher sitting at a table with four students and talking with them

​​​​​​​​​​​​​The vision of the Teacher Development Department is to ensure that every classroom has a highly effective teacher who demonstrates the ability and desire to educate students at a high level.  Fresno Unified is committed to building a teaching workforce that reflects the values, linguistic skills, and cultural div​​ersity of the community of students it serves in order to close the achievement gap.

Teacher Development will provide a continuum of support for aspiring, new, and existing teachers to attract and retain the best in education.  We will foster a culture of continuous improvement by providing accessible research-based professional learning for all teachers to fulfill Fresno Unified’s educational mission of building the capacity of teachers to prepare college and career ready g​​raduates.


Teresa Morales-Young, Administrator, Teacher Development
(559) 457-6072​

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