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Chart demonstrating what Khan academy is and how to access it

While most of the Khan resources are accessible through Khanacademy.org and Collegeboard.org  we’ve included some you will need in implementing your Khan site plan for SAT Practice and academic support.  Please note that teachers and site leaders whose Khan account was created through clever will always have to log in through go.fresnou.org/khan (unless they sync their personal account with their clever account).  Anyone who does not have a Khan account through clever can create a Khan account through khanacademy.org.  Below is a list of teachers and site leaders who have Khan accounts through clever:

  • ​English Teachers
  • Math Teachers
  • Social Science Teachers
  • Science Teachers
  • All elementary teachers
  • Principals
  • Vice Principals
  • Guidance Learning Advisors
  • Head Counselors
  • Counselors

​All resources below that come directly from Khan will prompt “coach” to go to khanacademy.org, if the account was created through clever, you will ALWAYS log in through FUSD clever link: go.fresnou.org/khan

SAT Practice Information

Linking PSAT Scores with Khan Academy (“Khan Linking”)

Students who have taken the PSAT can get a personalized SAT Practice plan through Khan Academy by linking their PSAT scores to their Khan Academy account.  To get their personalized SAT Practice plan students must:

  1. Take the PSAT
  2. Create a College Board account 
  3. Match their PSAT scores to their College Board account (this is done when they are creating their account)
  4. Log into their Khan account (created through Clever)
  5. Follow the steps to linking their Khan account to their College Board account
  6. Once their scores are linked, Khan Academy develops a personalized SAT practice plan for each student based on their scores.

All students in grades 8-11 take the PSAT for free at FUSD, starting with the 2016-17 academic year.  In 2016-2017 FUSD developed a centralized process for creating College Board and Khan Academy accounts and linking PSAT scores.   This process makes it easier for students to access their College Board and Khan Academy accounts from year to year or as they move from school to school within FUSD.   In 2016-2017 all students in grades 8-11 participated in a PSAT activity which included completing all steps needed to have a personalized SAT Practice plan.  Beginning 2017-18 only 8th grades students will participate in a schoolwide activity to create College Board accounts and link their PSAT scores to their Khan accounts.  Students should not create more than one College Board or Khan account.  For this reason, any student who did not take the 8th grade PSAT and link their PSAT scores OR was not enrolled at FUSD (or did not take the PSAT) in previous years, can individually receive support in linking their accounts to get their personalized SAT practice plan.  All students in grades 9-11 will participate in a schoolwide, grade level, activity where they will learn how to access their College Board and Khan accounts to view their PSAT scores and access their personalized SAT Practice plan to practice their skills.

Monitoring Khan Usage

Updates on Khan Academy for 2017-2018, include the ability for a “Coach” to monitor student progress on SAT practice through a “Class” on Khan Academy.  At this time, this is the only way to get student level data on linking and usage.  

For FUSD staff with a Khan account set up on Clever

FUSD has created “Coach” accounts and added “Classes” for all elementary teachers, high school teachers who teach English, science, social science and math, secondary principals, vice principals, guidance learning advisors, head counselors and counselors.   Teachers will be able to view sections as “classes” as Khan Academy by accessing their Khan account through Clever.  A “class” for each grade level was created for site leaders and can also be accessed through Clever .  Teachers and site leaders can access their Khan account by going to go.fresnou.org/khan using FUSD email and password to log in. With classes already set up, you will be able to view usage and linking data by:

  1. Adding SAT as a subject to each of your classes (instructions provided “Progress Monitor SAT Practice through Clever”)
  2. Reminding students to “accept” your invitation to view their SAT progress (it will automatically pop-up the first time they log in).   

For FUSD staff without a Khan account set up on Clever

Any other FUSD employee not listed above will need to create a Khan account through khanacademy.org directly.  You will need to:   

  1. Create a class that includes SAT as a subject (instructions provided on “Creating a Khan & Classes”)
  2. Have students add you using your class code or email
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