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The Teacher Development Department is committed to providing targeted professional learning, support, and mentoring for aspiring, new, and existing teachers to accomplish the goal of preparing career ready graduates.  Teachers are evaluated and supported around six key standards called the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP). See attachment California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP).pdf.  ​​​​

Instructional Coaching

The role of an instructional coach is to support teachers with the implementation of state standards and build capacity in others through modeling, peer coaching, and peer to peer feedback.​​ They work with sites to support accountable communities, as well as side by side teaching at all levels.  Instructional Coaches are provided a wide array of professional learning for their own growth as well as have the opportunity to present professional learning to their colleagues.  For more information, please see ​Instructional Coach Factsheet.pdf.​​

Lead Teachers

T​eachers interested in informal leadership roles can serve as Lead Teachers on their campus.  Lead Teachers facilitate Accountable ​Communities with a focus on the four guiding questions for student achievement.  They serve as an integral part of the continuous feedback for system improvement by participating in quarterly professional learning and helping to lead site decisions as a member of the site Instructional Leadership Team.  Lead Teachers are selected by teachers and administrators.  See the attached flyer for additional information and contact the principal if interested in serving in the role. Lead Teachers Commi​tment and Expectations.pdf​​​​​

Master Teacher

​The Master Teacher encourages a Student Teacher to further their professional commitment and helps them build skills and knowledge that are essential to the teaching profession.  Mentoring a student teacher gives an opportunity to establish a relationship with the teacher candidate based on mutual trust, respect, and collegiality.  It also provides the veteran teacher with a shared learning experience and their own professional growth opportunity.

Mentor Teacher

The Mentor Teacher supports a new teacher to further their professional commitment to the teaching profession at a high level of performance. Mentoring a beginning teacher gives you the opportunity to establish a relationship with the beginning teacher based on mutual trust, respect, and collegiality. It also provides the veteran teacher with a shared learning experience and their own professional growth opportunity. Factsheet Mentor Teacher.pdf

National Board Certification

​The goal of Fresno Unified School District is to ensure that every classroom has a highly effective teacher who demonstrates the ability and desire to educate students at a high level.  Fresno Unified assists teachers working toward National Board Certification, the gold standard in teacher certification.  The rigorous process to earn the National Board Certification builds the capacity of Fresno Unified teachers in ways that increase student achievement and close the achievement gap.​​  For more information, please see​ NBCT Fact Sheet Fi​​n​​al.pdf

Teacher on Special Assignment

​​​​​A Teacher on Special Assignment (TSA) is committed to teacher leadership and the development of others to positively impact student achievement.  Teachers on Special Assignment provide targeted professional learning, support site or district planning, and work directly with individual and teams of teachers, using the California Standards for the Teaching Profession as their framework.  Roles vary based on department or site-based position.​​​

Veteran Support Peer Coaches

Peer Coaches are committed to providing support to veteran teachers.  They work side by side with teachers to improve instructional strategies within content areas.  Peer Coaches are focused on building the capacity of teachers.


Teresa Morales-Young, Administrator, Teacher Development
(559) 457-6072​​

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