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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Fresno Unified recognizes teacher quality as the number one factor in raising student achievement.  Therefore, there is an urgency to break the cycle of inequity and provide children in high-poverty schools with high quality education.  To “grow our own” teachers may be the most efficient and sustainable strategy for developing an effective teaching force that is committed to high academic expectations for all learners. The Teacher Development Department is committed to providing targeted professional learning, support, and mentoring for aspiring t​​eachers to prepare college and career ready graduates.

Fresno Teacher Residency Program

The ​​Fresno Teacher Residency Program (FTRP) is a joint effort between Fresno Unified School District and three of our local university partners (Fresno Pacific, Fresno State, and National University.) The overarching goal of the FTRP is to improve student achievement in science, technology, math and science in grades K-12 through innovative, cutting-edge teacher pr​​eparation prog​ram coupled with outstanding professional support.​  For more information, please see the FTRP webpage.


Amy Bennett
Email: Amy.Bennett@fresnounified.org
Phone: (559) 457-6072
Webpage: hr.fresnounified.org/ftrp

​Internship Program

​​​​T​he Fresno Unified Teacher Internship Program offers educational and professional support to help teachers progress towards earning a teaching credential while they teach.  The Fresno Unified School District Internship Program provides the opportunity for university students to work as salaried teachers ​​with the District. Interns are highly effective teachers who teach their own class and attend partnering university credential courses. Interns work under an Internship Credential sanctioned by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.  For more information, please see attached document: Internship Program.


Lisa Thompkins, Teacher on Special Assignment
Email: Lisa.Thompkins@fresnounified.org
Phone: (559) 457-6072​​

Paraprofessional Academy

The Paraprofessional A​​cademy Program supports candidates that are currently serving Fresno Unified students and have an aspiration to become a teacher.  If you embrace a culture of learning with high expectatio​ns for all students, Paraprofessional Academy is the program to help jumpstart your pathway to teaching. For more information, please see the Para Academy webpage.


Maiv Thao, Teacher on Special Assignment
Email: Maiv.Thao@fresnounified.org
Phone: (559) 457-6072​
Webpage: hr.fresnounified.org/para-academy

Student Teacher Candidacy

Fresno Unified invites you to be a te​​acher candidate in our district. As the fourth largest school district in California an​d the largest school district in the Central Valley, we serve over 73,000 students.  For more information, please see attached document: FUSD Teacher Candidate​​.


Lisa Thompkins, ​Teacher on Special Assignment
Email: Lisa.Thompkins@fresnounified.org
Phone: (559) 457-6072​

Teacher Academy

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Teacher Academy develops and supports high school students through their journey of becoming highly effective educators through the model of “Growing Our Own.”  The program offers a cohort model of learning and provides students exposure to careers in education through Linked Learning, an integrated approach of academic and technical courses.  The Teacher Academy embeds work-based learning in real-world workplaces, summer internships, and professional and technical skill building opportunities.  The Teacher Academy outlines the steps to becoming a successful educator and provides a bridge to employment with Fresno Unified.  It is currently offered at Duncan, Sunnyside, McLane and Roosevelt High Schools.  For more information, please see the Teacher Academy webpage or contact your high school counselor.​​​​​​

Webpage: hr.fresnounified.org/teacher-academy

Transition to Teaching

Transition to Teaching is a competitive program that creates and nurtures highly effective teachers for Fresno Unified School District in hard-to-fill subjects such as math, science, and special education. If you’re dedicated to making a difference, Transition to Teaching will help get you on the fast track to the classroom by offering educational and professional support. For more information, please see T2T Brochure.

Learn more about the Transition to Teaching Program at http://go.fresnou.org/t2t


Human Resources
(559) 457-3500​​​

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